Sunday, March 2, 2008

Who should do Modelling?

This is a good question. Any girl or Jo Block next door can do modeling, why because some commercial director or casting director might bum into him/her on the street and ask him or her if she/he want to appear on his commercial.. We all love to be on the TV and talk to our friends about this exciting experience

So back to the question again, who should do modeling and why?

Any one can do it and there is no any age limit for any one to do modeling, at the end of the day people who watch TV want to see something appealing to them and people who use Saturn product want to see some interesting people promoting them, so yes the answer is that any one can do modeling at any age or where ever they are.

People as young as two to 50 years Old can do modeling, mainly commercial, editorial or features in some TV programme, if you have got any special physical feature that people would like, you are for sure hiding some talent within yourself and it will be a good time for you to make good use of it, get it out and make it pay you back, little or big money its your own choice.

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